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Simple electronic audio communication

Simple electronic audio communication simple intercom system schematic Audio communication Principles of equipment for communication with electronic audio devices, and this is the principle means of electronic communication cables Simple electronic audio communication


3V FM IF AM TUNER SYSTEM using KA2248 3V FM IF AM TUNER SYSTEM The KA2248 is a monolithic integrated circuit developed the for headphone stereo. FUNCTIONS AM SECTION: Converter, IF amplifier, Detector, Tuning indicator FM SECTION:  IF amplfier, Quadrature detector, Tuning indicator FEATURES Low quiescent current: AM: Iccq= 3mA, Vcc= 3V FM: Iccq= 8mA, […]

PC Serial Port Circuit

PC Serial Port Circuit PC serial port circuit to RS-232 pin out and cable

HA1388 Schematic audio amplifier 18w

HA1388 Schematic audio amplifier

Transistors Circuits

Transistors Circuits Transistors Circuits for Guitar Amp 100watt using BD139, MJ11016, MJ11015 Transistors amplifiers R1__________________ 6K8 1W R2,R4_____________       470R 1/4W R3__________________ 2K 1/2W R5,R6_______________ 4K7 1/2W R7________________     220R 1/2W R8__________________ 2K2 1/2W R9_________________     50K 1/2W R10________________      68K 1/4W R11,R12______________   R47 4W C1,C2,C4,C5________         47?F 63V C3________________        100?F 25V C6_________________       33pF 63V C7_______________           1000?F 50V C8_______________          2200?F […]

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