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Portable jammer

Portable jammer Portable jammer and signal removal for cell phone, WiFi, and GPS signals Portable jammer, signal removal Portable Signal Jammer circuit 20M Radius. High Power Signal Jammer Portable powerful and portable solution to completely block a nearby cell phone,  WiFi, and GPS signals. Can be used around the world. Strong and effective, this portable […]

Earthquake Detector

Earthquake Detector Biased photodiode, Earthquake Circuit Diagram, earthquake detector, frequency counter, optical receiver, Oscilloscope, plane miror, two frequency laser  

Digital clock circuit

Full mode 24 hour digital clock circuit R40102E


Now I shall introduce my somple diode counter. To start off with, the MC145152-2 A-counter can have a count of 512, 1024, or 2048. This means that a 12.8MHz crystal, divided by 1024, will give you a reference frequency of 12.5kHz. You could alternatively use 6.4MHz divided by 512. Not many options there! You still […]

Bluetooth circuit diagram

Bluetooth circuit diagram for nokia 6110n using BTHFMRDS2.0M ESA12 Bluetooth circuit diagram for nokia 6110n using BTHFMRDS2.0M ESA12

TV remote control blocker

TV remote control blocker using 555 ON electronic circuits diagrams

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