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Anti mosquito electronic circuits

Anti mosquito electronic circuits “Anti mosquito electronic circuits” anti mosquito circuit layout Here is a picture of “anti mosquito electronic circuits” , The ultrasonic is based on the theory that insects, such as mosquitoes can be rejected by using ultrasonic sound frequency range 20kHz. electronic anti mosquito is a mosquito repellent device, by using ultrasonic […]

Energy Meter circuit

Energy Meter circuit using ADE7756AN, PIC6F62BA, LM2940CT-5, 1N4004, STP30NE06L

stereo headphone circuit diagram

stereo headphone circuit diagram

Simple Opto circuit for Relay

Simple Opto circuit for Relay switch using IRFD9010, IRFD014PBF

Flame detection circuit diagram

Fire alarm beeping circuit diagram flame detection circuit flame detector sensor flame detector principle    

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