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InPowered Battery Testers circuit

Auto Car Battery Testers circuit using LM3914

40W Audio Amplifier Circuit using STK465

40W Audio Amplifier Circuit using STK465

Circuit diagram 2.45 GHz Bluetooth applications

Circuit diagram 2.45 GHz Bluetooth applications This paper presents segmented current steering CMOS digital-to-analog converter, the design is intended to RF transmitter at 2.45 GHz Bluetooth applications. Source current 2.45 GHz Bluetooth design strategy based on a 2.45 GHz Bluetooth scheme, variable repeatedly adapted to 2.45 GHz Bluetooth simple, minimizing area and power consumption, and […]

Circuit diagram keytop and display for electronic devices

Circuit diagram keytop and display A keyboard “key figure” who work with electrical contact between the surface of the keyboard and the underlying circuit when pressed keytop area, used by some home computers the early 1980s, and has been widely used in consumer electronic devices.

Make Wireless portable with CA3140,4069,4098

Parts: R1,R2,R19_______1K 1/4W R3-R6,R13,R17_100K 1/4W R7,R15__________1M 1/4W R8_____________50K 1/2W R9____________470R 1/4W R10___________470K 1/4W R11___________100K 1/2W R12___________220K 1/4W R14,R16________68K 1/4W R18____________22K 1/4W R20___________150R 1/4W C1,C7_________100µF 25V C2,C3_________330nF 63V C4-C6___________4µ7 25V D1,D5______Red LEDs D2,D3________1N4148 75V D4________BZX79C7V5 7.5V 500mW IC1__________CA3140 or TL061 IC2____________4069 IC3____________4098 or 4528 Q1,Q2_________BC238 25V 100mA NPN L1_____________10mH miniature Inductor BZ1___________sounder (incorporating 3KHz oscillator)

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