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PCB Repair

Circuit Board Repairing

Circuit and Making Schema Alarm LED – speaker – remote – radio – for Car

I decided to build a compact, yet effective alarm. My demands were:- simple construction, reliable operation, very small power consumption, and, most of all, small size. I started with CMOS logic gates, but was soon forced to abandon the concept after a few unsuccessful attempts. Then I suddenly realized that a simple transistor switch might […]

400w Audio amplifier schema and layout

400w Audio amplifier schema and layout 400w power amplifier schema and layout using 2SC2922, 2SA1216, BD140, BD139, TIP41c, 2N5401 PA 400w using 2SC2922, 2SA1216, BD140, BD139, TIP41c, 2N5401

2 channel loudspeaker protection

Simple 2 channel loudspeaker protection and Muting Circuit using BC549

Touch switch circuit diagram

ON OFF Touch switch circuit diagram using CD4027 This circuit not only indicates the amount of water present in the overhead tank but also gives an alarm when the tank is full. The circuit uses the widely available CD4027, bilateral switch CMOS IC to indicate the water level through LEDs. When the water is empty […]

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