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Switch Network Diagram for Game

Switch Network Diagram for Game

Making Color Sensor

Making Color Sensor Electronics circuit diagram This circuit will sense eight colors that are: green, red and blue (as primary colours): magenta, cyan and yellow (as secondary colours): and black and white. It’s will be very useful for Electronics robotics. The object whose colour is required to be detected should be placed in front of […]

Charge Balance converter circuit

AD7711 IC for Charge Balance converter circuit

tube Amplifier circuit

tube Amplifier circuit using 12AT7, EL84

Basic Audio Amplifier Circuit

STK058 24w Basic Audio Amplifier Circuit 24Watt Per Channel Stereo Amplifier. High power amplifiers were not my thing but when I realized that music from …………… STK058 24w Audio Amplifier Circuit A simple 24 watt audio amplifier The solderless breadboard makes it easy to experiment with additions to the audio circuit. decided that it was time […]

Make a simple power amplifier – LM 380

This is Make a simple power amplifier – LM 380. Almost all the components are contained in a single 14 pin package and requiring few external components. The supply voltage can be from about 8 volts to not more than 15 volts. The device is supposed to have internal current limiting and be almost indestructable. […]

High Speed PCB Design – Digital Circuits And Design

High Speed PCB Design

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