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Making Color Sensor

Making Color Sensor Electronics circuit diagram This circuit will sense eight colors that are: green, red and blue (as primary colours): magenta, cyan and yellow (as secondary colours): and black and white. It’s will be very useful for Electronics robotics. The object whose colour is required to be detected should be placed in front of […]

Audio amplifier circuit board

Audio amplifier circuit board Audio amplifier circuit board using KA2221 Audio amplifier circuit board Samsung Audio amplifier circuit board DUAL LOW NOISE EQUALIZER AMPLIFIER The KA2221 is a monolithic integrated circuit consisting of 2-channel low noise amplifiers and regulated power supply for car stereos. FEATURES suitable for car stereos. Low noise amplifier. Voltage regulator included. […]

STK084 Audio Amplifiers

STK084 Audio Amplifiers STK084 Audio Amplifiers circuit diagram This design is based on the 80 Watt Audio Amplifier, and was developed mainly to satisfy the requests of correspondents unable to locate the STK084 Audio Amplifiers. It uses the widespread STK084 1 IC but, obviously, its power output will be comprised in the 40W range, as […]

TV Circuit

TV Circuit with audio wireless FM This simple circuit using BF494 . Where audio receiver? he he ……………………..                 yes fm radio on your cell phone. Then wear head phones while seeing adult film let steady. Part: R1 100 kΩ       C1 4,7 nF        Q1 BF494 R2 33 kΩ         C2 Trimmer R3 22 kΩ         C3 47 […]

Simple Audio Circuit

Simple Audio Circuit using LM386

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