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How making Digital Volume Control for audio ?

How making Digital Volume Control for audio ? using DS1669 c1 : 0,1uf Making Digital Volume Control for audio in this series can use a digital set the volume control ,  although the tone control is the volume available, but we can make a volume control with a series. to use this series, release potensiometer […]

Sweeping Tone Alarm Beeper

Sweeping Tone Alarm Beeper using 4069, TIP29C, NECD882

Photocell light Switch

Photocell light Switch Wiring Diagram Photocell Light Sensor Photoelectric Switch 220V using Relay and LDR Maximum Wattage – 1000 Watt Voltage – 110 – 220V Maximum Amps – 5A LDR Relay 220v photocell light fixtures, solar cell light, solar panel light, solar energy light, solar power light, photocell light switch, photocell light sensor, how does […]


A PLC works by continually scanning a program. We can think of this scan cycle as consisting of 3 important steps. There are typically more than 3 but we can focus on the important parts and not worry about the others. Typically the others are checking the system and updating the current internal counter and […]

80 Watt Power Amplifier Circuit

80 Watt Power Amplifier Circuit using LM3876

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