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How making Digital Volume Control for audio ?

How making Digital Volume Control for audio ? using DS1669 c1 : 0,1uf Making Digital Volume Control for audio in this series can use a digital set the volume control ,  although the tone control is the volume available, but we can make a volume control with a series. to use this series, release potensiometer […]

ne5532 amplifier

ne5532 amplifier op amp amplifiers using ne5532 amplifier ne5532 amplifier ne5532 amplifier circuit

5V Power supply control

5V Power supply control using 74HCT688 5V Power supply control Circuit diagram Our control products offer our customers choices to meet their specific cost, Supply Current mA Typical 12V and 5V Power Supply


pic18f2550 USB Converter using LM555, pic18f2550, 1N4148, 4N28 pic18f2550 microchip inverter, application of microcontrollers, application of microcontroller, plc microcontroller pic18f2550 microcontroller pic16f84

CMOS integated circuit

The 4093 CMOS integated circuit using BC547 , BC548 The 4093 CMOS integated circuit Parts R1 180 KOhm R2 12 KOhm R3, 8 47 KOhm R4 3,9 KOhm R5, 6, 16 10 KOhm R7, 10, 12, 14, 17   100 K R9, 11 1 MOhm R13, 15 3,3 KOhm C1, C6 10uF/16V C2 47uF/16V C3 […]

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