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Dimmer Touch Switch

Dimmer Touch Switch Dimmer Touch Switch circuit using TT6061A and ST136

Replacement Lamp Electric Circuit

Replacement Lamp Electric Circuit

AM FM tuner circuit using IC LA1260 – LA1185

AM FM tuner circuit using IC LA1260 – LA1185 FM – AM Tuner system for Radio Music centers Functions FM : IF amplifier, quadrature detector, AF Preamplifier, Tuning indicator drive output AM : RF amplifier, MIX, osc With ALC, IF amplifier, detector, AGC, Tuning indicator drive 16 pin FM 81dB , AM53dB

Audio filter

Audio filter using TL072 circuit diagram This audio filter using TL072 is a 24 dB octave filter with a Bessel character and cutoff frequency of 200 Hz. So, if you are interested in experimenting with audio circuits in audio filter using TL072 range, this circuit is for you. In audio filter using TL072  range, all […]

5000w high power amplifier circuit

5000w high power amplifier circuit Part : A564 ,TIP 41 , TIP 42 , SC2922 , SA1216 5000w amplifier circuit diagram, 5000w audio amplifier circuit diagram, 5000w amplifier price, simple power amplifier circuit, voltage amplifier circuit, power amplifier design, 1000 watts audio amplifier circuit, high power audio amplifier circuit diagram

VU Meter Schematic

meter circuits VU Meter Schematic using 78L05, AD8313, LM324

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