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Power supply and power control circuit diagrams – power amp audio

Power supply and power control circuit diagrams This reference manual contains useful background information on switching power supplies for …. Driving power amp audio in Power Supply Applications. 2Way Power Supply

Circuit diagram 2.45 GHz Bluetooth applications

Circuit diagram 2.45 GHz Bluetooth applications This paper presents segmented current steering CMOS digital-to-analog converter, the design is intended to RF transmitter at 2.45 GHz Bluetooth applications. Source current 2.45 GHz Bluetooth design strategy based on a 2.45 GHz Bluetooth scheme, variable repeatedly adapted to 2.45 GHz Bluetooth simple, minimizing area and power consumption, and […]


LM3915 Audio level led indicator circuit diagram

VU Meter using a lm3915 Circuit diagram

LED current drive is regulated and programmable, eliminating the need for current limiting resistors. The IC contains an adjustable voltage reference and an accurate ten-step voltage divider. VU meter uses just one IC and a very few number of external components. It displays the audio level in terms of 10 LEDs. The LM3915 is a […]

lm35dz temperature control schematic

lm35dz temperature control schematic The Lm35dz series are precision integrated-circuit temperature devices with an output voltage linearly-proportional to the Centigrade temperature. The LM35 device has an advantage over linear temperature sensors calibrated in Kelvin, as the user is not required to subtract a large constant voltage from the output to obtain convenient Centigrade scaling. 16f877 […]

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