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Automotive 0v to 12v InPowered Indicator

Automotive 0v to 12v Electrical Voltage Indicator using 74HC04, 74HCT04

Pre-amp or Amplifier Project to Filter out any HUM at AUDIO CAR – mp3 – home studio

This page three adjustable notch filters configurations are shown . They can be used in your small pre-amp or amplifier project to filter out any HUM at 50 Hz ( European ) or 60Hz . By substituting the capacitors values in the bridge other frequencies can be used . All op-amps configuration requires a +/- […]

quad system circuit

quad system circuit using LM324, Lm324A, LM224, LM2902, LM2902V, NCV2902 Single Supply Quad Operational Amplifiers using LM324, Lm324A, LM224, LM2902, LM2902V, NCV2902 The LM324 series are low-cost, quad operational amplifiers with true differential inputs. They have several distinct advanteges over standard operational amplifier types in single supply applications. The quad amplifier can operate at supply […]

Audio switcher circuit

Audio switcher circuit using MTP3055, 1458

FM wireless microphone for the President’s speech

FM wireless microphone is very simple to build and has a useful transmission range (more than 300 meters in open air). Although a small component count and 3V operating voltage it will easily penetrate more than three floors of an apartment building. This may be found anywhere in the FM band (87-108MHz) and transmission can […]

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