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Archives for October, 2020

Hi-fi bass treble circuit

Hi-fi bass treble circuit diagram using IC NE5532 /, LA6462 /, JRC4558 This Hi-fi bass trebele circuit diagram using IC NE5532 /, LA6462 /, JRC4558, can be operated with wide range supply voltage, 12V – 24V DC  + GRN –. Three potensiometers used for sound adjustment: volume level, bass and treble level. Use good components […]

Audio and video amplifier diagram

Simple audio and video amplifier block diagram using CA3100 and 5532   shows a schematic diagram of the mirrors CA3100 and 5532

TDA1524A stereo preamplifier circuit diagram

Preamplifier Control Audio circuit With IC TDA1524A super bass tone control circuit tda1524a stereo tone control circuit diagram tda1524a pinout, tda1524a datasheet TDA1524A stereo preamplifier circuit diagram, tone control circuit using TDA1524A,

DC power converter

DC power converter 12V DC to 120V DC The most obvious approach would be to make a DC power converter 12V DC to 120V DC, output at 50 or 60 Hz, but this requires a rather large and heavy transformer. So it’s better to use a high frequency, at least 25kHz, so a very small […]

LCD Oscilloscope

Schematic of LCD Oscilloscope

bass treble mid-range

Bass treble mid range audio circuit without power supply

LM555 Timer Circuits part 40

Cycling Timer Circuit using LM555 part 40

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