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Archives for November, 2016

Remote Control switch

Infra red Remote Control switch Infrared Remote Control switch using 4017 , 555 , relay IR (Infrared) Remote Control Switch 4017 , 555

wireless Circuit Using 555

wireless Circuit Using 555 Transmitter’s range is 100 m in the distance using the 9V power supply and matching the antenna. Circuit diagram is built by IC timer 555 R1 : 1K C1 : 0,1 C2 : 10

7812 voltage regulator circuit

7812 voltage regulator circuit using 7815, 7812, 21DQ60

RF circuits using MAX2633

RF circuits using MAX2633 The only external components required for RF circuits is the MAX2633. VHF RF amplifier input and output blocking capacitors, C1 and C3, and a VCC bypass capacitor, C2. RF circuits is very simple but very useful for your radio facilities.

Power Amplifier circuit

Power Amplifier circuit Power Amplifier using HA1377

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