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Archives for May, 2014

Making a joule thief

Making a joule thief How to make a joule thief charger ? This is a very interesting circuit, it will drive 6 volt led from a single 1.5 volt cell. How to make a simple joule thief – Here are the schematic diagrams that are involved with the joule thief circuit A joule thief is […]

Ultrasonic Equipment

Ultrasonic Equipment circuit using IC CA3140, NE555

Amplifier system

Amplifier system for audio players using BA3870 Amplifier system for audio players using BA3870

Make Tv Amplifier and Radio Transmitter Fm – 30 watt amplifier scheme

30-watt amplifier scheme is continued from other pages shown below provides an energy boost in accordance with the input of 4 watts to 6 watts. increase power output function is to increase the distance of the sender and recipient. This circuit is designed to cover 88-108MHz FM Broadcast Band. However, this circuit is very stable […]

STK4171II Audio Amplifiers

STK4171II Audio Amplifiers STK4171II Audio Amplifiers circuit diagram STK4171II Audio Amplifiers This design is based on the 75 Watt Audio Amplifier, and was developed mainly to satisfy the requests of correspondents unable to locate the STK4171II STK4171II Audio Amplifiers

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