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Archives for July, 2013

Making Color Sensor

Making Color Sensor Electronics circuit diagram This circuit will sense eight colors that are: green, red and blue (as primary colours): magenta, cyan and yellow (as secondary colours): and black and white. It’s will be very useful for Electronics robotics. The object whose colour is required to be detected should be placed in front of […]

Electronic Component Schematic Symbols

Electronic Component Schematic Symbols

Overload Indicator and overvoltage protection schematic

Overload Indicator and overvoltage protection schematic

USB to LR35901 Converter Circuit for Multi Media

USB to LR35901 Converter board is a PIC microcontroller based device that receives a USB signal from a PC and converts the signal to an LR35901 output.  The output signal can be sent to any one of three serial ports.  Devices which may be connected to the ports include the ASI Inc. X-Y Stage, the […]

5V Power supply control

5V Power supply control using 74HCT688 5V Power supply control Circuit diagram Our control products offer our customers choices to meet their specific cost, Supply Current mA Typical 12V and 5V Power Supply

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