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Archives for June, 2012

Photocell light Switch

Photocell light Switch Wiring Diagram Photocell Light Sensor Photoelectric Switch 220V using Relay and LDR Maximum Wattage – 1000 Watt Voltage – 110 – 220V Maximum Amps – 5A LDR Relay 220v photocell light fixtures, solar cell light, solar panel light, solar energy light, solar power light, photocell light switch, photocell light sensor, how does […]

Radio transmitter receiver circuit

Radio transmitter receiver circuit using TD7626F and TD7626FN

Universal PSU Circuit

Universal PSU 4A 0-24V using L200, BD250

no picture and audio on my TV?

Bernardo B asked: there is no picture and audio on my TV when i turn-on my TV, but there’s a sound thuk from the speaker when i plug-in the supply cord. i tried to open the back of the TV to check if the fuse is ok and it seems to be good. i trace […]

CDI Ignition

CDI Ignition Car Circuit Capacitor discharge ignition Ignition timing cdi ignition circuit diagram CDI Ignition Car CDI ignitions capacitive discharge ignition induction ignition kettering design votage rise time ignition dwell ignition centrifugal advance ignition vacuum advance ignition detonation preignition hall effect ignition

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