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Archives for October, 2011

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www.afiata.com feed

Power Supplies Switching

Switching power supply circuit Power Supplies Switching using LM5020

Noise sensor circuit for light switch

Noise sensor circuit for light switch using HEP801, HEP50 Parts : R1 1.5 MΩ      C1 100 µF       D1 1N4007 R3 3.9 kΩ        C2 1 µF           Q1 HEP801 R4 150 kΩ       C3 10 µF         Q2 HEP50 R5 18 kΩ         C4 10 µF R6 560 Ω         C5 1 µF […]

Electronic Switching Circuit

Electronic Switching Circuit using SL100, BC108

How can i build a electronic circuit from diagram?

SID asked: Since I have an electronic circuit diagram and i wanna bild the circuit.How i can do this at home?

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