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Archives for June, 2011

CDI Ignition

CDI Ignition Car Circuit Capacitor discharge ignition Ignition timing cdi ignition circuit diagram CDI Ignition Car CDI ignitions capacitive discharge ignition induction ignition kettering design votage rise time ignition dwell ignition centrifugal advance ignition vacuum advance ignition detonation preignition hall effect ignition

Laptop schematic diagram

Laptop schematic diagram volvi blog diagram, DDR1 DDR2, Mobile cpu 478 celeron, ICH7M, audio circuit using G1431Q, Codec ALC268, opamp G1412, Modem MDC Card, HDD in, mini usb, Blue tooth, cdrom, Bios, camera

A simple Switch – flip flop

Given that the diode can be made to conduct, or not to conduct, simply by the choice of applied voltage polarity, then it must be possible to use any diode as a switch. So if you want to follow me, then just wire together the following circuit on a bit of breadboard, or something. Set […]

Low Noise Balanced Microphone Preamp

Low Noise Balanced Microphone Preamp using NE5532

Audio Amplifier + TONE CONTROL Circuit

Audio Amplifier + TONE CONTROL Circuit using NE5532, LM1875T / TDA2050

RGB Circuit using MC1377

RGB Circuit to PAL – NTSC using MC1377 Parts : R1 1 kΩ                  C1 1 nF R2 2.2 kΩ              C2 100 nF            Qz cristal 4.433691 R3 75 Ω                  C3 22 µF R4 75 Ω                   C4 22 µF R5 75 Ω                  C5 22 µF R6 1 kΩ                   C6 30 pF […]

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