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Archives for December, 2010

Simple and valid Loudspeaker Protection

Simple and valid Loudspeaker Protection simple and valid Loudspeaker Protection and Muting Circuit using BC546, BC556

Tv transmitter circuit using lm1889n

Tv transmitter circuit using lm1889n Cl1 – LM1889n Q1, Q2, Q4 – BC547 Q3 – BD135 D1 – BB809 R1, R15 – 82 Ohm R2 – 120 K Ohm R3 – 27K Ohm R4 – 1,2 K Ohm R5, R13, R14 – 270 R6 – 470 Ohms R7 – 56k Ohms R8 – 68k Ohms […]

Making TV remote control blocker

Make circuit electronics TV remote control blocker Circuit diagram of this function shifts the frequency of 38 kHz TV remote and the remote will be jammed. This is necessary to set the 10K potentiometer while pointing the device at your TV to block the IR rays from the remote. This can be done by trial […]

15W Audio Amplifier Circuit

15W Audio Amplifier Circuit using TDA1553Q

Circuit diagram 500mW FM PLL transmitter 88-108MHz using LMX3206 – PIC16F870

500mW PLL FM transmitter 88-108MHz This PLL transmitter is controlled and the frequency is very stable and can be programmed digitally. Transmitter will work 88-108 MHz and output power up to 500mW. With a small change can set the frequency of 50-150 MHz. The output power is often set to several watts with transistors. So […]

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